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Sunday, May 6 2012


i am writing this because i felt like it, except now i don't know what the heck i should write about!! thus is very frustrating for a cat. ummmmm........ oh! yesterday the family was watching a movie called "the cat returns". at one time i heard a lot of mewing, and it looked like there were cats on the screen.

until i have something to write about, ta ta mon ya!

kk (kathy kat)

:) :D

Monday, January 27 2003

Molly's Page

This is Molly's old page, last updated January 27, 2003.

Molly's Page

Molly is 8 years old. She was rescued from a Park Slope backyard at the age of 6 months.

Newer pics

More cuteness

molly-chris molly-corner molly-green2 molzilla-chest molzilla

Sunday, January 20 2002

More Cuteness



Do You Dare?

Lap 1

Lap 2

Lap 3

Happiness is ... sitting on the blue chair.

Tuesday, January 8 2002

2002-01-08 Cattus

You Lookin' at Me?

Journey Onward

Foglamps on

A Nazgûl!

Nazgûl Approaches!

Oh, just a cat, nevermind.